“Freedom Is Always Right Here — Never In Time” ~Daniel Shai

“Humility Is The Willingness To Acknowledge Your Splendour”

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Teaching for The New Age



The re-establishment of WORTHINESS is what is truly meant in the Sun Ray Teaching when the word empowerment is used. 

This leads to a remarkable shift in a person’s life. It is the end of self-sabotage and shying away from one’s purpose; it is the heeding of the call of one’s true voice, a shift from the head to the heart. It is the rise of a real and unique and powerful individual, who is ready to be all they came to be; all they really are.

It is also the beginning of true connection. Here begins the paradigm where happiness is found in giving to another as opposed to seeking it through fixing another.



Old  teachings are outdated. A new  teaching is like a new technology,  updated to fit our needs. It has learned from the wisdom of the past, but doesn’t get stuck there. It grows higher and goes deeper, never accepting anything as final or ultimate, because actually all IS The Ultimate

Where many  teachings have taught exclusion — or  dissocitation,  the new teachings are all about inclusion — or  integration.
Today’s methods are powerful and  quick. In the history of spiritual awakening, teachers have always come up with simpler and more direct methods. In other words, we are collectively so ripe and ready for awakening, and the riper we’ve been getting — the clearer and more on-point the teachings have been becoming.
We’re accelerating, and that’s why the Sun Ray Teachings is here. 



It is often leaders that come to the Sun Ray Teaching; people who are going to be change-makers in the world; lightworkers - that don’t necessarily know that’s what they are yet — or do but don’t know how their unique role expresses yet. One of the magickal things that happen organically and serendipitously in Daniel’s private sessions is lightworker activation. This is a waking up to one’s calling as a lightworker and their unique and specific style of work. It is an unexpected delicious moment of rememberance!