Accommodating Approach

Awaken To Who You Really Are

The Sun Ray Teaching has helped many people to improve their circumstances. We can all tell a better story and as a result live a better life. Why not?!

But the real Gift of Sun Ray is to point you Home. Wherever you are, Daniel’s flexible way of meeting you there guides you through to an abiding Awakening.

My approach is very down-to-earth and friendly. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease and that although I am the one giving the sessions we are equal as beings - for that is the truth: we equally belong to The Divine.

Working with Children


I never thought I’d be working with children. One day, a mother with whom I’d been doing sessions asked me to work with her pre-teen daughter, who was dealing with anxiety and sadness. At the same time another mother asked me to work with her teen son. I gave it a shot, and to my surprise found the sessions incredibly enjoyable, but more-so was delighted that they provided real value for the children.
Being one myself, I guess it’s no surprise I find it very easy to connect, and the sessions fly by. While they’re fun and creative, they also go deep and bring to awareness alternative ways of being and responding to situations and emotions. They bring a new understanding — a wholistic view of self and life — an understanding that, frankly, cannot be found in therapy (psychology) and is not taught in school.

Ending Seeking


Sessions are very different for each one. For some they may focus mor on exposing everything that the ‘me’ is up to, while for others it may be direct pointing Home — and for yet others, both.

Whatever is needed, according to wherever you are.

Often people come with very specific questions. Dealing with fear or social difficulties after awakening, for example. All can be sorted out, and as the seeking energy dies the joy of living as What You Are begins!

Help Daniel Spread the Sun Rays

If you have benefitted from free material such as posts and videos online and wish to,  you may leave a donation.   Creating  valuable content while working  1-on-1  with  people is  very  time-consuming; your contribution would  assist and be received  with  heartfelt  gratitude. 

1-on-1 work is very important to me, since the personal touch has an effect that group workshops and talks cannot match.

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