Accommodating Approach

Are You Prepared for Accelerated Growth?

The Sun Ray Teaching is vast and deep. Having had countless awakenings on the path (they never stop...) and integrating them into a living experience, I am able to address those who come to me where they are. It is about meeting your needs. 

The methods I work with are many, all providing powerful insights and all simple. So simple, in fact, that children (I work with children/teens as well) find them very useful in their daily lives. 

The work reaches deep, uncovering unconscious sabotaging beliefs, and transforming them. It unveils your deepest Nature as consciousness and reveals to you the experience of unconditional love. The tool or approach used depends on where you are and what you need. The way it will be conveyed to you depends on your particular type of personality and energy.

I will always accept and validate whomever I work with. I am in your favor, obviously, and my goal is that you be all that you came to be, aligned and moving through life unafraid, giving your gift and excited about the path.

The work guarantees an expansion of consciousness (that you can’t conceive of before it happens); a far deeper understanding of yourself, the times we live in, the Youniverse and the Oneness, i.e. Existence Itself.

The sessions are spontaneous, intuitive and serendipitous. As much as I may try to explain what they are, their flow and synchronicity surprises me as well and is beyond planning. There is a lot of magickal involvement of the Universe around these sessions, assisting the ascension. Everything connects, often in unexpected ways.

My approach is very down-to-earth and friendly. I want you to feel comfortable, at ease and that although I am the one giving the sessions we are equal as beings - for that is the truth: we equally belong to The Divine.

Working with Children


I never thought I’d be working with children. One day, a mother with whom I’d been doing sessions asked me to work with her pre-teen daughter, who was dealing with anxiety and sadness. At the same time another mother asked me to work with her teen son. I gave it a shot, and to my surprise found the sessions incredibly enjoyable, but more-so was delighted that they provided real value for the children.
Being one myself, I guess it’s no surprise I find it very easy to connect, and the sessions fly by. While they’re fun and creative, they also go deep and bring to awareness alternative ways of being and responding to situations and emotions. They bring a new understanding — a wholistic view of self and life — an understanding that, frankly, cannot be found in therapy (psychology) and is not taught in school.

Of Course We’ll Work with Emotions


The difficult emotions are usually starving from a lack of love. We don’t always know how to handle our emotions. We often don’t know what to do with them. But they are the alchemist’s best friend, for I know that they are the catalyst for your transformation. 

The only reason the statement need be made that we’ll be working with emotions is because actually a lot of spiritual teachers don’t. Our unaccepted emotions are not truly met with non-judgmental love, even within therapy. Most approaches wish to do away with these emotions, and so even if they seem to be wanting to meet them — it’s often only in order to do away with them, for the aim is not your transformation but your functionality.
In the Sun Ray approach we meet them honestly and totally.

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1-on-1 work is very important to me, since the personal touch has an effect that group workshops and talks cannot match.

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