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What is it? And why you must integrated the holy trinity if you want to know enlightenment.



HOW DO YOU ACTUALLY PRACTICALLY LOVE YORUSELF? What is the one thing about soulmates that no one has ever mentioned? This video offers clarity.

Radio Interview 7/14/19 on OkiTalk

Listen  to  Daniel  introduce  the  Sun  Ray  Teaching —  what  it  is  and  share  a  little  about  his  journey.

Your Low Is Actually A High

When you think you’re in a low vibration.. are you really...? 

Probably not. And here’s why. 

The Real Truth About How You Create Your Reality

Telempathy, Spiritual Connection & Our Multidimensional Self

You can also read this article to get more information on the topics of: 

1) Multi-dimensionality — is what's true in one dimension true in all of them? 

2) Is the I AM awakening that is beyond space and time the final awakening?


In the video: A short general talk about the experience of telempathy, intimate spiritual connection and how it can generate very strong sexual desire. Also touching on the topic of the multi-dimensional SOUL. 

The System of Punishment!

If we were to look at humaniy from outside, sadly we would see a tremendous lack of love. What we would see is a system put in place to control behavior through punishent and reward. We would see societies that judge certain parts of themselves as wrong, and try to push them away, push them down, ignore them -- and behave only in the ways they find to be accptable. This creates such a tremendous pressure to "be the right way!", while never quite healing the disowned/judged aspects.
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The Divine Shadow

In this video I challenge you to see the divine in the shadow; to see the shadow as included with The Divine.